Course Introduction and Overview

This comprehensive and life-saving course will teach you to be cognizant of your surroundings, trust your intuition in unfamiliar and unnerving situations, evaluate threats, and take appropriate action when necessary.

Using real settings and immersion to place you in common situations where danger lurks, the Institute’s experts will help you build a personal safety foundation you can use every day and everywhere to become your own expert. To ensure you gain the most benefit and become proficient course has guided exercises you can practice wherever you find yourself, along with reviews on major topics.

The course is built on Dan’s transformative and simple-to-learn safety rules. They are: 

      • Be Situationally Aware

      • Trust and Use Your Intuition

      • Determine If You Have a Problem

      • Develop a Plan

      • Act Decisively

      • Regroup and Recover

    The expertise in your personal course draws from some of the world’s foremost experts, including such organizations as

        • The Federal Bureau of Investigation

        • The Central Intelligence Agency

        • The Joint Special Operations Command

        • National Security Agency

        • Crime detectives from police departments across the United States

      Your course includes a print book copy of Dan’s book to ensure you have complete access to in-depth and additional personal safety information. These include the following valuable tools:

          • Personal preparedness at home, on public transportation, and the use of weapons

          • How to reduce your criminal target appeal

          • Dealing with armed threats and active shooters

          • Reducing your personal information footprint on your phone and online

          • How to use a dating app and safely enjoy a three-dimensional date

          • Travel planning

        With your purchase, you’ll receive a code granting you full access to the online course with no expiration date. The course is optimized for viewing on your phone, tablet, or laptop but can also be streamed to your television. 

        Each course purchase includes a copy of Dan’s Power of Awareness book. You can choose either a physical copy or an eBook to read online. Your print book will be delivered separately by mail. Your eBook will be accessed by a separate code that will be emailed to you after your purchase. The eBook and can be registered for viewing on up to six devices via Android or IOS or any tablet or laptop.

        By the time you’ve completed the course, you’ll understand how situational awareness works in real life, how to better listen to your intuition, and, when confronted by a criminal, how to make a plan and take action with confidence—so you can avoid or evade threats before it’s too late.

        By the last video and exercise, you’ll know that your own Power of Awareness can save your life.